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Cardinals vs. Ravens preview: Pro Football Focus looks at the Monday Night Football matchup

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Another look at the game on Monday.

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With the Arizona Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens set to play one another in Week 7, facing off on Monday Night Football, we have a series of game previews. This one comes from Pro Football Focus. Let's see if there are any numbers that surprise you.

We know that Larry Fitzgerald has been having a great start to the season. He hits Number 2 on our list of the best slot receivers, according to PFF stats. It took some getting healthy and also finally buying in to his role as a slot guy, but he is finally seeing the success we felt he could have.

Something that might surprise you is this -- Jared Veldheer is nearly as effective in his pass blocking as he was last season, at least according to PFF. His Pass Blocking Efficiency has dropped only slightly from last year, going from 96.9 in 2014 to 96.1 in 2015. The eye test, though, tells a slightly different story. He seems to be getting beat more and has been penalized seven times this season so far.

The name Brandon Williams has come up a couple of times. Carson Palmer named him as a guy to pay attention to. On our podcast game preview, Matthew Stevens says he is proving to be every bit as effective as Haloti Ngata, but much younger and cheaper (for now). PFF numbers also show this. He has excelled in run defense at +21.5, and has 21 defensive stops.

Bobby Massie will have some work to do in pass blocking. Elvis Dumervil has 21 total quarterback pressures this year, good enough for a Pass Rush Productivity of 10.7. He has rushed from the left side on 65.9% of his snaps, which is the offensive right side of the line.

On the other hand, Markus Golden has a great shot at producing some pass rush. Baltimore right tackle Ricky Wagner has struggled much of the year (-14.8), and has allowed 16 total quarterback disruptions.

Just one more day and then we have the national stage to ourselves. Let's hope they are up for the task. They should be.