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2015 NFL power rankings: Arizona Cardinals hanging in there after Monday night win

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Where to the Cardinals rank entering Week 8?

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The Arizona Cardinals sit now at 5-2, having beat the Baltimore Ravens 26-18 at home on Monday Night Football. It was not an impressive win, but they did manage to win one that came down to the wire. That should help in power rankings, right?

Let's see where the Cardinals rank now after the win.

In SB Nation's Week 8 rankings, the Cards move up two slots and now are seventh overall. They are the top two-loss team.

CBS Sports moved them up a spot to eighth.

They have to tighten up that defense again. They made it interesting late against the Ravens.

ESPN dropped the Cardinals a couple of spots after the win, but they had Arizona high a little high last week after a loss. They now are sixth, still ahead of the Falcons.

Age is just a number for the Cardinals. Carson Palmer (35) is third in Total QBR, Chris Johnson (30) is second in rushing and Larry Fitzgerald (32) is fifth in receiving yards.

For Fox Sports, the win meant jumping up a few spots, from 10th to sixth.

With one of the NFL's best coaching staffs, the Cardinals are equipped to win games even when a few big plays don't go their way. Carson Palmer has made an early bid for both Comeback Player of the Year and MVP and he's tied for the league lead with 16 touchdown passes.

USA Today's rankings saw very little movement in the top 10, but the Cardinals did move up from eighth to sixth.

He may only be CJ1K these days, but RB Chris Johnson still has some juice in those 30-year-old legs.

Finally, in the rankings put together on "The Shutdown Corner," who seems to be at odds with the Cards every week, have Arizona creeping up a slot from ninth to eighth.

Chris Johnson being the second-leading rusher in the NFL right now is one of the strangest stories we've seen in a long time. They signed him on Aug. 17. Any team had all spring and summer to sign him, and they all passed. And nobody really thought twice about it.