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Bruce Arians on CB Joe Haden: 'We don't go away from corners'

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The Cardinals will not shy away from Cleveland's Joe Haden.

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals and Carson Palmer will go up against a Cleveland Browns team that isn't particularly good. However, they do have some solid players. One of their best is cornerback Joe Haden, considered one of the best at his position. But just because he is one of the top corners in the game, that doesn't mean the Cardinals won't challenge him.

"We don't go away from corners," head coach Bruce Arians told reporters on Wednesday. "If the read takes you there, you throw it there and you win one-on-one. I don't care if it's Deion Sanders or whoever it is back there, if that's where the read shows you're supposed to throw it, you throw it there."

He did, though note how Haden "is a good player, and if you're going to throw it, you better know where you're throwing it."

Haden does not yet have an interception this season, but he has had as many as six in a season. He had three last year and four in 2013, both years in which he was named to the Pro Bowl.

He missed the last two games with a concussion, but he has passed the protocol and will play on Sunday against Arizona. He will match up a lot against Michael Floyd and John Brown, and perhaps some against Larry Fitzgerald, when he is lined up outside.