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Thursday Night Football Dolphins vs. Patriots open thread and picks

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Keep it here to react to the game.

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It is Thursday night and it is time for football already. Doesn't it feel like you are barely recovering from the Monday night game? I feel like it. Tonight we get the resurgent Miami Dolphins, who are playing well and playing with fire under new head coach Dan Campbell. They will face the New England Patriots.

Who do you want to win?

In terms of picking against the spread, I follow some rules. One is never bet against Tom Brady at home. The line is -8. I'll give up the points. Pats -8.

As for staff picks, it is unanimous. We all pick the Pats -- Tyler Derby, Jesse Reynolds, Randy Fields, Shaun Church, Kent Hodder, Skii, Robert Norman and I all pick them.

This is your open thread.