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Cardinals vs. Browns picks and predictions: What will be the final score in Cleveland?

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Make your score prediction!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Friday afternoon means it is prediction time. The Arizona Cardinal head east to take on the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland, hoping to take care of business and enter their bye week 6-2. Can they do it, and if so, what will be the score?

Most would believe the Cardinals will win the game. They are taking their offensive attack and facing a Cleveland defense that hasn't been able to stop much.

Previous to the Cardinals' Monday Night Football win over the Baltimore Ravens, their four victories were by wide margins. Will they blow out another team, or will it take more work?

I did pretty well on my score prediction last week. I picked a 27-16 Cardinals win. It ended up being 26-18.

Use the widget below to make your pick. Make sure to share your score in the comments below. You could also explain how it happens.

If you notice in the blog standings, on the season, we are quite the homerish group, predicting scores far from the spread. Last week, though, we were very close.