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NFL Week 4 London game, early games live updates and reactions

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Early bonus football to talk about.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you are up early at 6:30 AM Arizona time, you have the chance to watch extra football. The Jets and Dolphins play in London, which gives us another game to watch.

Then, in the early slate of games, at least in Arizona, Chiefs/Bengals and Giants/Bills will be on for the matinee leading up to the Cardinals playing the Rams in the late games.

In terms of rooting, since the first game is all AFC, it doesn't really matter. However, it woudl be great to see Todd Bowles succeed, so go Jets! For Bills/Giants, it is AFC vs. NFC. Since the Cardinals are playing for the postseason, it makes sense to have NFC teams lose to the other conference because that helps the Cardinals eventually in playoff seeding. Go Bills!

Use this as your early open thread. Talk about the games and have fun on an NFL Sunday.