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Cardinals vs. Rams Week 4 live updates, reactions

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Are you ready for a big division contest?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It is game time. The Arizona Cardinals take on the St. Louis Rams at home, wearing their alternate black uniforms. They sit at 3-0, atop the NFC West and have a chance to get another win in the division, closing out the first quarter of the season and preparing for six of their next eight games on the road.

Right now, it is the Rams. The talk has been how good their defense is and how physical the defensive line is. The truth is the Cardinals have lost a player for the season each of the last three times the two teams has played. They lost Tyrann Mathieu late in 2013. They lost Carson Palmer in Week 10. They lost Drew Stanton in their other game.

Hopefully that trend ends.

Here is your open thread. What are your predictions? Chat away during the game.

Just remember:

1. Language restrictions are removed, but please don't g overboard.

2. No personal attacks or trolling. If you are a visiting fan, please act like a good guest. Members, treat guests as guests.

3. No sharing or asking for online game feeds of the game. That will get you banned.

You can follow some of the action with the Twitter widgets as well.