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2015 NFL power rankings: Arizona Cardinals drop a bit after home loss to Rams

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People are jumping off the hype train.

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Well, the Arizona Cardinals were the talk of the nation a week ago after dismantling one NFC West rival. However, they have gone back to mostly anonymous after a Week 4 loss at home to another NFC West rival. As should be expected, the Cardinals have taken a step back in peoples power polls and power rankings.

Here is a roundup where the Cards stand entering Week 5:

Our own weekly power rankings  drop the Cardinals out of the top five to sixth overall.

The Cardinals lost a hard fought battle against to their division rival. Teams would not figure out how to stop the Cardinals passing game, but the Rams did - put pressure on Carson Palmer. Yet, their next matchup is against a struggling Lions defense that should allow Palmer the time he needs to re-boost the Cardinals spirits.

SB Nation's power rankings have the Cards tumbling from second to seventh. The Rams make a big jump, too.

Over at ESPN, the Cardinals take a dip, but only by two spots. They still rank fourth.

Sunday's loss to the Rams was Carson Palmer's first since Week 17 of the 2013 season.

Pete Prisco, who is one of the most supportive national media of the Cards, sees the Cards dropping from third to seventh.

That was a major dud against the Rams. They just didn?t look right, especially on defense.

Fox Sports has the Cardinals now at eighth overall after previously ranking them fourth.

In their first game against a team with a respectable pass rush, the Cardinals couldn't hold up in pass protection, and this could become an issue -- this vertical passing game is dependent on timing. Tyrann Mathieu is emerging as one of the NFL's best defenders.

USA Today also has Arizona seventh.

Now we learn about the Cards, who play four of next five on road with three of those dates set in the Eastern time zone.

Yahoo!'s power rankings, done one their Shutdown Corner page, surprisingly don't drop the Cards much, especially since they never believed much in the Cardinals to begin with. With the loss, Arizona drops only one spot to sixth.

The Cardinals are a good team, but I hope the plane tickets Arizona fans were buying to the Super Bowl last week are refundable. The hype machine got a little bit out of control last week.

Lastly, power rankings also have the Cardinals slipping out of the top five, sliding to sixth overall.

You think Carson Palmer would like to have that last throw back? Watching Rams-Cardinals live, I thought there was no way Arizona was losing the game. If you missed it, Palmer had rookie David Johnson wide open on a slant on fourth-and-2 with his team down by two points late in the fourth quarter -- and overthrew him by a couple of yards. Of course, Johnson's fumble on the opening kickoff set an ominous tone for the day.

For now, Arizona is 3-1 with a clear lead in the NFC West. The Cards have the Lions, Steelers, Ravens and Browns heading into their Week 9 bye. When they travel to Seattle in Week 10, Bruce Arians could be 6-2 and fighting for first place. Don't want to look ahead, but we're looking ahead.

Where should the Cardinals now be ranked?