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Podcast: Reviewing Arizona Cardinals loss to the St. Louis Rams

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Did the Rams beat the Cardinals or did the Cardinals beat the Cardinals?

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Seth Cox and I recorded the latest Revenge of the Birds Radio All Cardinals show on Tuesday night. Unlike the show following each of the first three weeks of the season, where we got to talk about all the good things of the wins, we had to talk about a loss.

The first question of the show -- did the Rams beat the Cardinals, or did the Cardinals beat the Cardinals?

Seth and I offer differing opinions on that.

We discuss the play calling and the offensive line play. We talk about -- yet again -- about the lack of a pass rush.

Todd Gurley and his brilliant play in the fourth quarter comes up and Seth credits the Rams for sticking to their game plan. He says they are a lot like the 2013 Cardinals, only they have the running game to keep games close.

The loss in itself is not a problem. Being 3-1 after the first quarter of the season and being in first place is right where you want to be. However, losing a division game at home could hurt the team in the division race down the road when Seattle is inevitably in the mix come the end of the season.

Have a listen. Use the streaming player above or below, or download the show directly to listen to later.