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Thursday Night Football, Colts vs. Texans picks, predictions, updates

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Talk football in a game with...Matt Hasselbeck?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is bringing you yet another crappy Thursday Night Football matchup. We get to watch a pretty not so good Houston Texans play an Indianapolis Colts team that has been a mess and now, for the second game in a row, rely on Matt Hasselbeck to start at  quarterback because Andrew Luck is still hurt.

What is worse is the fact Hasselbeck has been very, very sick this week.

So, yay! More bad football. Of course, with two bad teams, it could make the game interesting, but as we have seen this year, close games aren't necessarily fun to watch.

The current line has the Texans favored by 5.5. I'm taking Houston there. I think Ryan Mallett and Arian Foster look pretty good against a bad Indy defense, and a sick, old Hasselbeck is going to get eaten alive by the Texans defense.

What about staff picks? Here they are:

Jess Root: Texans
Michael Ferguson: Colts
Seth Cox Texans
Shaun Church: Colts
Delilah Cassidy: Colts
Jesse Reynolds: Colts
Robert Norman: Colts
BigRedBilly: Texans
Randy Fields: Colts
Skii: Colts
Kent Hodder: Colts
Tyler Derby: Texans
Steven Rodriquez: Colts

That makes it 9-4 in favor of the Colts.

This is your open thread. Enjoy the game!