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Cardinals vs. Lions picks and predictions: Guess the final score of the Week 5 NFC battle

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Can you pick the correct score?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Well, after a couple of blowout wins, the Arizona Cardinals had us fans picking some pretty lopsided scores against the St. Louis Rams in Week 4. Instead, it was a painful loss of missed opportunities.

But never fear! Now the Cardinals are on the road against a woeful Detroit Lions team, who are 0-4 despite some talented players on the roster.

But can they stop the Cardinals offense? They still managed 22 points despite three turnovers and came within a pass and a kick of beating the Rams, even with their executing their game plan almost perfectly.

So now it is time to pick the score of the Cardinals/Lions game.

Will the hungry Lions come out, even with some key players absent? Will the Cardinals overlook this team? Will the Lions offense be able to produce anything against the Arizona defense?

I predict a 30-13 win. They moved the ball against St. Louis and just didn't execute in the red zone. That will get fixed. Plus, Detroit is missing two starters on the defensive line. They should be able to run the ball, which will then open up the pass.

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