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Carson Palmer on Super Bowl and wife's pregnancy: 'I'm not missing any football'

Everything should be planned, but in the scenario he has to choose between delivery and the big game, he won't miss the big game.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Carson Palmer has Super Bowl aspirations. He also has a baby coming right around the same time. In fact, his wife's due date is February 7, the day of the Super Bowl. That is a little bit of a scary proposition for Cardinals fans. Would Palmer miss the big game because of a baby?

Hopefully it doesn't come to that, and no, that doesn't mean hopefully they don't make it to the Super Bowl.

Palmer said his wife "is a planner and she's on top of everything."

Being from Northern California, she has a doctor lined up in San Jose (the Super Bowl will be played in Santa Clara this season) and she has one lined up here in Arizona. "Everything is set up hopefully so the baby comes a week early," Palmer said. "Like every pregnant woman, she's like, 'get this baby our of me.'"

It sounds like if the Cardinals are on track to make it to the Super Bowl, she will either be induced or have a C-section done the week before.

But as to the question of Palmer missing the game, should something not go as planned, Cardinals fans should relax.

"I'm not missing any football," he said. "I've been fortunate enough to be present at three of my kids' births. If I miss one, you miss one."

Obviously, this doesn't mean Palmer doesn't care about his coming child. It is a very, very small chance this happens. First, the Cardinals have to make it to the Super Bowl. That isn't a sure thing. Yes, they are playing well and could do it, but there are never any guarantees in football. And, as he already said, things are planned out and shouldn't even be an issue.

But if it came to the Super Bowl or seeing the delivery, in this particular instance, he would play.

Is the wife fine with it?

"She gets it," Palmer said.

It is the Super Bowl. He's never done that before. He has never even won a game in the postseason. Unless you are Tom Brady, the Super Bowl comes around less often than a baby delivery. Some would choose to be there for the delivery. In this case, Palmer would play. He would hardly be the first father to miss the birth of his baby.

But things are planned. The baby should come at least the week before. It shouldn't be an issue. But if it is, Cardinals fans can know Palmer will be the starter for the big game. He isn't missing that.