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Podcast: Arizona Cardinals midseason grades, MVPs, 2nd half schedule

Another show with Seth and Jess.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals now begin the second half of the season. Since there was the bye week and no game to review, Seth Cox and I recorded the latest episode for Revenge of the Birds Radio. Our All-Cardinals show was about looking back and looking forward to the home stretch.

We gave midseason grades, named our offensive and defensive MVPs and then discussed the coming schedule.

It was hard to grade anything on the offensive side of the ball anything other than an A. The tight ends got less than that, but with the offensive production in both running and passing the ball, it is great.

Seth and I disagreed a little bit on the defense. I gave it a B overall, although I did say how odd that sounds with the numbers. He said the secondary high A brings up the very average linebacker play overall.

Then we discussed the schedule moving forward and how the next four games are crucial for Arizona. All three of their division games and a prime time game against a supposedly elite AFC team are in the next quarter of the schedule. Win all four and they have not only all but locked up the division, they will have the national attention, having knocked off an undefeated or one-loss Bengals team on the big stage.

Have a listen to the show using the streaming player above or below, or download the show directly to listen to later.