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Pete Carroll: Carson Palmer is 'about as perfect a thrower as you can find'

The former college coach of Palmer gushes about Arizona's starting QB.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals haven't had starting quarterback Carson Palmer available for a game against the Seattle Seahawks since the end of 2013, when he led the team to a win in Seattle. He is healthy this time around and the Cardinals return to Seattle and try to take a commanding three-game lead over the Seahawks with a win on Sunday Night Football.

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll, who coached Palmer at USC, believes it "is a big deal" for the Cardinals to have him back.

"He didn't get to play last year," he said. "He's really sharp with the football, they're protecting him well, they have a commitment to get enough runs in there to make sure you  can't load up on the pass rush." Carroll says having Palmer back is one big reason the offensive line has been so effective.

Arizona also gets the benefit of having a "marvelous thrower" in the game.

"He can throw all kinds of throws," Carroll explained. "He's using comebacks, and deep-ins, and crossing routes, and deep balls and all that. I've always thought he's about as perfect of a thrower as you can find. He looks the best he's ever been. I see him at his very best right now."

Palmer is playing at a level Cardinals fans have never really seen. Even the very best of Kurt Warner wasn't this productive. Warner's bets year for the Cardinals was 30 touchdown passes and a passer rating of 96.9, which are both team records. Palmer has 20 TDs through half a season and a passer rating of 110.2. If he keeps up this pace, he will absolutely obliterate those numbers.

Arizona fans are lucky to see this play. This is what people expected from Palmer when he was drafted. He has had some good statistical years, but he is playing probably the best football of his career, looking like one of the league's elite players, which he was considered back before he injured his knee the first time and the was throwing darts all over the field and winning ball games with the Bengals.

Will Palmer be the difference this year in Seattle? That we will see on Sunday night.