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Sunday Night Football, Cardinals vs. Seahawks live blog, game updates

Time for some football.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We're finally here. Time for some football. The Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks will battle on Sunday Night Football. This game matters a lot for the NFC West. A win for the Cardinals all but wraps up the division and knocks off the Seahawks from contention for the division title. A Seattle win and they are right in the middle of the race and questions about the Cardinals moving forward against "quality opponents" will linger.

It is a very good matchup defensively. Both teams are in the top 10 in scoring defense, rush defense and pass defense. Arizona is also top 10 in the league in scoring, rushing offense and passing offense.

It is a matchup the Seahawk have dominated recently. Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson has lost only twice to the Cardinals -- once in his NFL debut and once in 2013 -- the last time Carson Palmer played for Arizona against the Seahawks.

What will happen? That's what we get to watch. Enjoy the game and go Cardinals!

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