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Mike Iupati injury: Arizona Cardinals guard leaves with neck injury, returns home with team

Arizona guard leaves in an ambulance.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have suffered a scare in their Sunday Night Football game against the Seattle Seahawks. Starting left guard Mike Iupati left the game in an ambulance with an apparent neck injury in the second quarter.

With the Cardinals leading 5-0 in the second quarter and the Cardinals moving the ball, on a Chris Johnson rush attempt, Iupati lowered his head to block Seattle safety Kam Chancellor and then went to the ground, where he stayed for several minutes.

He was taken to a hospital, but the team announced he did have feeling in his extremities.

Here is a video on the play.

After the Cardinals defeated the Seahawks 39-32, head coach Bruce Arians gave good news in his postgame press conference about Iupati.

"He's fine," he said after the game. "He's been cleared. He's okay and good to go."

He flew back home with the team and it would appear he will probably not miss any playing time.