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Super Bowl odds: Vegas makes Arizona Cardinals the NFC favorite

The win over Seattle changed things.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals made a statement to the league with their win on Sunday over the Seattle Seahawks. They declared they are the team to beat. Vegas heard that and now reflects it in the odds they are giving for this season's Super Bowl. According to the most recent Super Bowl odds, Arizona has passed both the Green Bay Packers and the Carolina Panthers to now be the favorites to be the NFC representative in the Super Bowl. They are given the second best odds to win the Super Bowl.

The New England Patriots lead the way as 12/5 odds to be the champs. Arizona improves from 8/1 odds to the current 11/2. They are followed by the Panthers, whose odds went from 8/1 to 15/2, the Bengals who stay at 10/1 and the Packers, whose odds went from 15/2 to 12/1.

To just win the NFC Championship, Arizona is the odds-on favorite with 11/4 odds.

In terms of statistical likelihood, numberFire still has the Cardinals as the best team in football. They have more than a 98-percent chance of making the playoffs, more than a 95-percent chance of winning their division and have the best likelihood of winning the Super Bowl -- a 25.5 percent chance.

It is a strange and satisfying world to think the Cardinals are considered favorites.