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Carson Palmer 'focused on Week 11, not 2011'

Palmer addresses only very little the story everyone wants to hear.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

This was something I touched on in an article on Wednesday before Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer addressed the media formally after practice. The big story out there in the media everyone wants to tell is about the falling out Palmer had with the Cincinnati Bengals, the team that drafted him first overall.

Palmer told me during the bye week he wasn't interested in the perception he quit on Cincinnati and he was a "me-first" player. He told me it wasn't the time or the place for telling that story.

The message was the same on Wednesday when he spoke to reporters.

"We obviously disagreed and it ended in a very colorful, heated argument," Palmer said of the situation with the Bengals (via "Now is not the time or place to get into the he-said, she-said type of deal."

Talking about that story isn't good for Week 11, when he and the team have another big game on Sunday Night Football.

"Myself and this team are focused on Week 11," Palmer said. "Not 2011."

Personally, I am very interested in what happened. I recall what happened and the comments allegedly made to a friend which later were reported about him have $80 million in the bank and being willing to just retire. He was viewed as a quitter and a selfish guy who managed to get himself traded to Oakland, back on the West Coast. Then the perception was he wasn't a team player in Oakland, not willing to redo his deal, which ultimately led to his being traded to Arizona.

That person we haven't seen. We have seen a serious, hard-working player who was respected immediately in the locker room and was looked to as a leader from Day 1.

I do want to know what really happened. Why did he want out of Cincinnati? If they were not going anywhere, how have they suddenly been able to be a model of consistency?

But, like Palmer said, that is a story for another day. This week is about football, not the past.