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Panthers vs. Colts Monday Night Football open thread

We want the Colts to win.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

It is Monday Night Football, but an hour later if you live in Arizona (gotta love no Daylight Savings). Tonight we get the Indianapolis Colts and unbeaten Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are looking to improve to 7-0. Indy hopes to even their record at 4-4.

Looking at the big picture, as Cardinals fans, we should want the Colts to win. Again, any win by the AFC over the NFC is good for the Cardinals (as long as it isn't an AFC team beating the Cardinals). If the Cardinals keep winning, they will be battling the likes of the Packers and Panthers for home-field in the playoffs and a first round bye.

On a more national level, this is a great quarterback matchup. You have Andrew Luck and Cam Newton, both former number one picks who have taken their teams from being terrible to the postseason. While the Colts are struggling this year, because of their division, they are still on pace to make the postseason, while the Panthers are in control of the NFC South.

Enjoy the game and use this as your open thread.