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Cardinals vs. Bengals preview podcast: Carson Palmer situation worked out for everyone, Cincy fans in wait-and-see mode

Cincy Jungle joined ROTB Radio to talk about the upcoming Sunday Night Football matchup.

We all know how much of a big game this weekend is for both the Arizona Cardinals and the Cincinnati Bengals. It gives the Bengals to prove wrong their reputation of wilting in prime time games and the Cardinals could really throw themselves into the national spotlight with consecutive wins on Sunday night in front of a national audience.

To preview the game, Scott Bantel of Cincy Jungle joined me on the podcast -- our 99th show of Revenge of the Birds Radio and talked about the Bengals and the matchup.

We naturally had to start by talking about the whole Carson Palmer situation. We discuss the injury implications for Cincinnati as it appears they will be without their best cornerback, Adam Jones, on Sunday.

He tells me there is something to the whole "Andy Dalton is bad in prime time" reputation and that the Bengals fans are a picky bunch. Despite four straight years in the playoffs and five appearances in the last six, the team is in a no-win situation with fans and expectations because they haven't gotten a win in the postseason. And all the success with the 8-1 start and the dominating offense and defense isn't really doing anything. All that matters is how they do one they reach the postseason.

Bantel tells us about the matchups he likes, the matchups he doesn't like and what will happen if the Bengals win and if the Bengals lose.

Make sure to listen to the show. This one is just a little more than a half hour. Use the streaming player above or below, or hit here to download the show directly.