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Cardinals vs. Bengals Sunday Night Football 2nd half game thread

Things aren't looking good so far.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Arizona Cardinals are not playing well. They trail the Cincinnati Bengals 14-7 at halftime. Carson Palmer has thrown a pair of interceptions and a couple of other questionable passes as well. But Cincinnati has had a ton of penalties, so the game is still close.

Keep it right here for the second half and cheer your team on to victory.

This is your open thread.


1. Language restrictions are lifted, but please do not overdo it.

2. No trolling or personal attacks. We should treat our visiting fans as guests and those visiting fans should remember this is our community.

3. No sharing or requesting online feed of the game -- except for this one I share now from NBC Sports Live Extra. You will be banned as a result.

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