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2015 power rankings, Week 9: Broncos prove legitimate, Jets out of top 10

Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

This week was important in answering lingering questions which have persisted from week 1. Questions like, are the Broncos a legitimate contender or have they squeaked by on lesser opponents? Are the Raiders rebuild ahead of schedule? Is the AFC South the worst division in the league?

The answer to that last question is yes, regardless of the Colts making a comeback in the second half.

None however, were more important than the question, can the Cardinals come out of halftime and create a comeback win?

Let's get to the rankings

1) New England Patriots - Pats Pulpit

It's hard to imagine the Patriots losing this year. I know the joke is that the team is getting revenge after Goodell's crusade on Brady. Truthfully, the Patriots are playing similar to every other year -- cold and calculating. Between Brady and his receivers, none more importantly than Gronkowski, the season is currently their's to lose.

2) Cincinnati Bengals - Cincy Jungle

The Bengals went into Pittsburgh and walked out with a win. Ugly games happen and the Steelers are no slouches, especially in a game with Ben Roethlisberger. An opportune defense, consistent Andy Dalton, and A.J. Green, the Bengals are giving the Patriots a run for the best team in the NFL.

3) Denver Broncos - Mile High Report

After taken a lot of flak for poor offensive production and tight games against what are believed to be lesser opponents the Broncos came out and blew the doors off the Packers. While the offense will never be close to the best in the NFL, they can move the ball and score enough to let their great defense shut down opposing offenses.

Could they be overrated, sure? But they deserve credit for beating Green Bay.

4) Green Bay Packers - Acme Packing Company

The Packers were on the road in Denver playing against an undefeated foe. The defenses were the largest differences in the game and the Packers just couldn't stop the run. But as long as Rodgers is quarterback they will be a top 5 team this season.

5) Carolina Panthers - Cat Scratch Reader

With the fall of the Falcons and the win of against the Colts, the Panthers are clearly the number one NFC South team. That said there is no one outside of Greg Olsen who can catch the ball from an under appreciated Cam Newton.

6) Arizona Cardinals - Revenge of the Birds

A second half comeback against and underrated Cleveland Browns was a solid first step in proving the Cards have mettle and resilience. Say what you will about the old men of the offense, the Cards are riding their young defense led by Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu.

7) Minnesota Vikings - Daily Norseman

They ended the game with a rally in the 4th quarter against a competent Bears team (as long as Cutler is leading them). Teddy Bridgewater may not be the franchise quarterback they wanted, but Adrian Peterson hasn't lost a step.

8) Atlanta Falcons - The Falcoholic

Atlanta started hot, but their offense is continuing to struggle. However, the Buccaneers are definitely not the same team from last year either and whenever you play a division rival you can some leeway. Another loss will drop them out of the top 10.

9) Oakland Raiders - Silver Black and Pride

Derek Carr does look like a franchise quarterback. The Raiders are ahead of schedule for a rebuild with Carr and Amari Cooper leading that pack. Say what you will about the Jets mediocre quarterbacks, the Todd Bowles defense is good and the Raiders beat them.

10) St. Louis Rams - Turf Show Times

That's right. I think the Rams are better than the Seattle Seahawks. Nick Foles certainly won't win them many, if any, games, but Todd Gurley, oh my goodness. If they can continue to ride him and play shutdown defense it may be the NFC West hierarchy has flipped.

11) New York Jets

12) Seattle Seahawks

13) Pittsburgh Steelers

14) Philadelphia Eagles

15) New York Giants

16) New Orleans Saints

17) Indianapolis Colts

18) Buffalo Bills

19) Miami Dolphins

20) Kansas City Chiefs

21) Washington Redskins

22) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

23) Cleveland Browns

24) Baltimore Ravens

25) San Diego Chargers

26) Houston Texans

27) Jacksonville Jaguars

28) Dallas Cowboys

29) Chicago Bears

30) San Francisco 49ers

31) Tennessee Titans

32) Detroit Lions