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NFL trade deadline: Steve Keim says don't expect trade for a pass rusher

The GM talks the day after a win.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trade deadline is today, but we probably shouldn't expect much action, if any, for the Arizona Cardinals. General manager Steve Keim, as he does each week the day after a game,was a guest on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM and said as much.

Traditionally, there are not many trades at the deadline. There has been one already, with the San Francisco 49ers sending tight end Vernon Davis to the Denver Broncos, but there probably won't be any coming for the Cards, although they have "been active in talks" near the deadline.

There is "nothing imminent at this point."

"It's always tough to pull off a deal," Keim said. "It's never easy. A lot of times it's one-sided. Teams want more value. We're in a position where we feel pretty good about our roster. There is no reason to panic."

What about a pass rusher? After all, it is probably the team's most glaring need?

"Here's the problem,"  he explained. "How many people have great pass rushers? If you have a pass rusher who's out there available, it's one of two things. Either something's wrong with him -- he's making too much money or for whatever reason he may have some off the field issues."

Could the Cardinals get one better than who they already have? Alex Okafor should be back healthy after the bye. Dwight Freeney has a sack in each of the last two weeks. Markus Golden is making progress. Who could the Cardinals trade for who would be better and not cost to much?

In other words, it's not going to happen.

With the NFL, trade chatter is usually just that -- a lot of talk.