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Thursday Night Football, Browns vs. Bengals picks, picks against the spread, open thread

This should exciting game?

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

It is Thursday night and the matchup we have all been waiting for is here -- the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns.


The Bengals and the Browns? What a dud of a matchup. The undefeated Bengals are hosting the hapless Browns, coming off a 34-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals in which they had a 10-point halftime lead and never scored again and they will face Cleveland's backup quarterback, Johnny Manziel, as Josh McCown is hurt.

So a bad team with a quarterback with lots of question marks is on the road on a short week against one of the best teams in the league so far this season.

Unless something strange happens, this will probably be a yawner, unless you are intrigued by Manziel starting.

As for the Vegas spread, the line is Bengals -11. That seems like a lot and I normally don't like spread's that big, but I expect a blowout. Bengals -11. It will be ugly.

The staff is unanimous -- all going with the Bengals.

Jess Root: Bengals
Tyler Derby: Bengals
Shaun Church: Bengals
Jesse Reynolds: Bengals
Michael Ferguson: Bengals
Randy Fields: Bengals
Skii: Bengals
Robert Norman: Bengals
Delilah Cassidy: Bengals

This is your open thread. Chat about the game and perhaps get a scouting report of the Bengals, whom the Cardinals play in two weeks.