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NFL Week 9 top games to watch and who to root for

The Arizona Cardinals are on their bye, so we have to watch other teams.

Normally, Sunday NFL action is a no-brainer. Watch the Arizona Cardinals play and then the other games you watch don't really matter.

But this week, there is no game involving the Arizona Cardinals. They are on their bye. You could go up to Vegas and you might run into a few of the players. I know some were headed up there. But if you want to pay attention to football still (and why wouldn't you -- you don't want to be given a list of things to do instead, right?), here are some games worth watching.

Packers at Panthers

These are two teams who are ahead of the Cardinals currently in playoff seeding. As things stand right now, the Cardinals would have to travel to either place in January. It was good the Broncos hung a loss on the Packers. However, while getting the Panthers in the loss column seems good, I think it benefits the Cardinals more to have the Panthers win. If Green Bay wins, both teams are still ahead of the Cardinals in the playoff race. If the Panthers win, the Cards are tied with the Packers for number two and still would play one another. And if you had to pick a place to play on the road in January, Carolina is probably the better choice. Aaron Rodgers at home seems impossible.

Rams at Vikings

The Rams are getting dangerously close. A win puts them only one game behind the Cards in the NFC West. They have a very easy next few weeks. But the Vikings are tough. These are two teams who will likely be battling for a wild card spot. It also showcases the running back stud of the last many years in Adrian Peterson and the new kid on the block, who some might be able to say is already the best back in the league in Todd Gurley. Root for the Vikes, y'all. We want all the NFC West to lose.

Falcons at 49ers

Watching this game is a must because we like to see train wrecks. You mean we can watch Blaine Gabbert lead the Niners? What could go wrong there? Get your popcorn and enjoy watching a division rival burn.

Eagles at Cowboys

Wait...two dumpster fires? Count me in.