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NFL Week 9 TV coverage map

What games will be on in your area?

The Arizona Cardinals do not have a game today, so there will be only other team's games to watch. There are also no games in London, so no 9:30 AM start. What games will air in your area? This is the coverage map for NFL games in Week 9. This info comes from 506 Sports.

CBS has a doubleheader today, while FOX gets one game in each market.

CBS early games

Because of a home game being aired on FOX, no game on CBS will air in Charlotte, most of Minnesota (the Minneapolis market is geographically big) and Boston.

Dolphins/Bills will be broadcast in southern Florida and in the Pensacola area, the area around Greensville in South Carolina, a very small are in Iowa and Missouri, in western New York, part of the northern border of Pennsylvania and Maine, part of Rhode Island and part of  New Hampshire.

Jaguars/Jets also gets a small geographical reach. It will air in northern Florida, southern and coastal Georgia, a small area in South Carolina bordering Georgia, eastern North Dakota and the far northwestern area of Minnesota. It also will air in some of New Hampshire, most of Vermont, New York City and eastern New York, western Massachusetts, most of Vermont and all of Connecticut.

Titans/Saints is concentrated in the South. It will air in the eastern area of Texas (including Houston), Louisiana, bordering areas in Oklahoma and Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, much of Georgia, part of South Carolina, all of Tennessee and in bordering areas in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Virginia.

The rest of the country will get Raiders/Steelers. That is the game  on in Arizona.

CBS late game

Because of a home game on FOX, no game on CBS will air in the San Francisco market of the Tampa Bay market.

Everyone else, including Arizona, where the Cardinals are on their bye week, will get Broncos/Colts.

FOX single game

Falcons/49ers is a late game. It will air in northern California, western Nevada, the southwest border of Oregon, the in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, the southern border of Mississippi, Jacksonville, almost all Georgia, the southwestern border of South Carolina, the eastern and northern borders of Alabama, much of Tennessee and part of the southern border of Kentucky.

Giants/Buccaneers, another late game, has a small regional reach. It airs in southern Florida and in Pensacola and Tallahassee, part of the southern border of Georgia, Pittsburgh and northern Pennsylvania, almost all New York and in Connecticut.

Redskins/Patriots gets from Maine through Massachusetts, part of northern New York State, much of Pennsylvania, all of Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, almost all Virginia, almost all West  Virginia and in bordering areas in Ohio and Kentucky.

Rams/Vikings will be broadcast in most of Missouri and in bordering areas in Kansas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Illinois, in eastern Montana, northern and northeastern Wyoming, the Dakotas, parts of the nprthern border of Nebraska, all Minnesota and in bordering areas in Wisconsin and Iowa.

The rest of the country will get Packers/Panthers, which is a game of interest for Arizona Cardinals fans.