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Cardinals vs. Vikings Thursday Night Football 2nd half game thread

The game is tied. Can the Cards get the win?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It is halftime on Thursday Night Football. The game is tied 10-10. Neither defense is playing all that well, but a 10-10 game nonetheless. Adrian Peterson has been very good, but so has David Johnson. And thanks to a big 65-yard catch and run down the sideline for a touchdown, the Cards have a TD.

Red zone issues have been a problem. On the Cardinals' first drive, when they were just shewing up yards, it ended with a field goal because J.J. Nelson lined up wrong, Jaron Brown nearly fumbles and David Johnson drops a touchdown pass (the ball did get there before he was expecting it).

Can the Cards pull ahead and get that playoff-clinching victory? Keep it here.

This will be your open thread.


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