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NFL picks against the spread: Week 14

Betting advice late in the season.

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We have a full slate of NFL games in Week 14. Some games look like great matchups and others look pretty predictable. That's where betting the money line can make these games more excited, as some people are no longer playing fantasy football because we are at the playoffs.

In terms of a week ago, I didn't do so well, going 6-10 against the spread. It drops me to nearly .500 on my picks 96-93-4.

Thursday's game was a bad start. I had the Arizona Cardinals covering in a game they should have -- the Vikings were playing without four defensive starters on a short week. Arizona got the win, but the Vikes got the cover.

Here are the rest of the games for the week and where I would put my money if I were a betting man.

Redskins at Bears (-3.5): If there is one thing we can count on, it is the Redskins being unpredictable. But the Bears playing better and the inconsistencies of the Skins tells me go with the Bears. Bears -3.5.

Steelers at Bengals (-3): The Steelers appear to be the team no one wants to face in the postseason. Their offense is incredible. However, the Bengals offense is just as talented, and the Bengals defense is far superior to the Steelers. It should be a high-scoring affair, and with the line so short, I will go with the Bengals. Bengals -3.

49ers at Browns (-1.5): OK, can we really trust Blaine Gabbert? Maybe not, although he has been quite steady playing in place of Colin Kaepernick. With Johnny Manziel playing the rest of the season for the Browns, they are an intriguing watch. Nonetheless, with the way the Niners have looked more recently, you have to like them in this game. Manziel has looked fun, but he hasn't really been helping with the wins. I think the Niners come away with the straight-up win. Niners +1.5.

Chargers at Chiefs (-10): Everything about this game says Chief roll. Their defense is playing well. They are putting up points and they are at home. However, as I have been learning, late in the year in divisional games, don't trust long lines. The NFL has had an incredibly large number of close games this year. I don't like the Chiefs to trust them to win by double digits. Chargers +10.

Lions at Rams (-1): Have you seen the Rams play? They are terrible lately. The Lions are playing well. Lions +1.

Titans at Jets (-7): After doubting the Jets for a few weeks, they keep proving me wrong. The Titans defense is awful and the Jets defense will make things difficult for Marcus Mariota. Jets -7.

Bills (-1.5) at Eagles: So the Eagles figured everything out now that they beat the Patriots? Don't believe it for a minute. They still have a terrible defense and LeSean McCoy gets to play the revenge card. Bills -1.5.

Saints at Buccaneers (-3): Jameis Winston has been putting up good numbers. Now he faces a defense that gives up a passer rating of over 110 as an average. Bucs -3.

Colts at Jaguars (-1.5): The Colts just don't lose to their division rivals. Colts -1.5.

Seahawks (-6) at Ravens: A rolling Seattle offense against a Ravens team with no stars left? And a Seattle defense against a Jimmy Clausen? That defense is going to eat. Seahawks -6.

Raiders at Broncos (-7.5): A young quarterback in Brock Osweiler and a Raiders team that has been inconsistent. However, division games say think close. I'm taking the points. Raiders +7.5.

Cowboys at Packers (-7.5): Of all the games to not have the double-digit line, this is the one I would expect. The Cowboys still have a faint hope of winning their division despite being the worst team in the NFC. But they have to travel to Green Bay against a team trying to pull away from the Vikings in the standings. The Packers should rill. Packers -7.5

Patriots (-3.5) at Texans: I'll be honest. I hate betting against Tom Brady, but this makes me want to. But with the thought of Rob Gronkowski returning, I feel better. Pats -3.5.

Giants (-1.5) at Dolphins: The Giants are still the one team in the NFC East I believe in. They have had the lead in the fourth quarter in many games. If they played 58-minute games, they would be 9-3. I gave up on the Dolphins some time ago. Giants -1.5.