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NFC playoff picture: Cardinals don't clinch NFC West as Seahawks win

Another look at the postseason situation in the NFC after Week 14's games.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Well, after a Thursday night win by the Arizona Cardinals to clinch a postseason berth, they got absolutely no no help from the rest of the NFC. Pretty much every team won who needed to lose to help the Cardinals in their postseason status.

Let's recap:

Arizona needed the Seahawks to either lose to or tie the Baltimore Ravens to clinch the NFC West title. Seattle rolled 35-6, winning their fourth straight.

Carolina had to lose for the Cardinals to make a move and perhaps catch the Panthers for the number one seed. The Panthers shut out the Atlanta Falcons 38-0.

To all but clinch the number two seed, the Packers needed to lose to the CowboysGreen Bay ran all over them.

So nothing changes.

Arizona is still the number two seed and can clinch the NFC West with a win or a Seattle tie or loss. Carolina still is undefeated. Washington still leads the NFC East and the wild card picture is a little clearer.

Here are the current NFC standings:

1. Carolina Panthers, 13-0
2. Arizona Cardinals 11-2
3. Green Bay Packers, 9-4
4. Washington Redskins, 6-7
5. Seattle Seahawks, 8-5
6. Minnesota Vikings, 8-5

In the mix: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-7), Atlanta Falcons (6-7), Philadelphia Eagles (6-7), New York Giants (5-7)