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Cam Newton or Carson Palmer, who is the real MVP?

Is there a bad choice in this case?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinald and Carolina Panthers are having fantastic seasons in 2015. Carolina is the only undefeated team in football and has been annihilating the competition in recent weeks. Arizona is 11-2 and has won seven straight games, including three wins over likely playoff teams.

Each team's play has been headlined by the play of their quarterback -- Cam Newton for the Panthers and Carson Palmer for the Cardinals. Both are in the discussion for MVP of the league. Coaches are mentioning Palmer. Vikings head coach said it last week. Eagles head coach Chip Kelly said it this week. He is having a career season.

But Cam Newton has been no slouch. He is throwing and running for touchdowns, but he is doing it with Ted Ginn and Greg Olsen, rather than Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and John Brown.

The Cardinals have a much more talented team, especially offensively. But Newton is leading the team to wins.

Here are some stats to look at:

Carson Palmer Cam Newton
Completion percentage 62.8 59.1
Passing yards 4003 3062
TDs 31 28
INTs 9 10
Passer rating 107.2 96.9
Rushing yards 24 480
Rushing TDs 1 7

Palmer is having perhaps the finest year of his long career. Newton's numbers, aside from the number of touchdowns, isn't much different than the rest of his years in the league.

So who is more valuable to their team?

You can argue either way. We all saw what happened when the Cardinals lost Palmer last season. Since the start of last season, the Cardinals are 17-2 when Palmer starts and 5-6 when he doesn't. Carolina was 2-0 last year with Derek Anderson starting.

Cardinals fans will tell you Palmer is the real MVP. Panthers fans say the same thing about Newton. The rest of the nation? They seem to be split and some still are looking to Tom Brady.

There are still three games to go and Palmer will face the Eagles, Packers and Seahawks -- all of whom could be in the postseason. Newton will face the Giants, Falcons and Buccaneers. Maybe one of those teams will be in the playoffs.

These games will be key, but up until now, is there truly a bad choice? It would seem choosing one would not be snubbing the other. So is there really a wrong choice?