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Making the case for Carson Palmer as the MVP of the league

A statistical breakdown as to why Palmer is the best in the business right now.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It can be agreed upon that Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer is having a fantastic season. With 31 touchdowns and over 4000 yards, combined with an 11-2 record, two receivers who will be 1000-yard performers and a third with an outside chance of reaching 1000 despite missing games, you can see the highlights.

Despite this, some believe he is an outsider in terms of being the NFL MVP this year. I put this up for debate not too long ago and Cardinals fans overwhelmingly favor Palmer as MVP, but that might be a little homerish.

I personally believe you can't go wrong with him, Cam Newton or even Tom Brady, but someone has put together some numbers to show Palmer is having one of the best years historically as a quarterback.

The premise is this -- if scoring matters and the best way to score is by gaining yards and first downs (since by getting first downs you get more chances at yards), Palmer is the best. He leads the league's top-scoring offense.

Care to see his case for Palmer as MVP? He storified it. It comes from Adam Harstad of Football Guys.