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Video: Calais Campbell talks about living in homeless shelter

He uses the memory to drive him to more success.

Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Calais Campbell was a guest on ESPN's show, "Highly Questionable." They frequently have all sorts of interviews and it was Campbell's turn. This video clip from ESPN is where he talks about growing up and having to live for a time in a homeless shelter.

There were 10 people in the one-room living quarters, but he said it was better than living on the street.

He continues to use the experience as something he thinks about now that helps him work toward more success.

That wasn't even the best part of the interview, though. I found the full interview. It is embedded belowI couldn't find the clip or the entire interview, but he also reveals to Dan LeBatard that he no longer plays cards with his teammates. He got burned by a cheating teammate. Campbell ended up paying $2000 in card game losses to this player and he saw him cheating in a game with someone else. It really hurt him to think a teammate would cheat him, so he doesn't play cards anymore.

Here is the full interview. LeBatard and Bomani Jones try to bait him into saying who it was. We know it was definitely not Larry Fitzgerald or Kurt Warner. It is questionable whether it was Darnell Dockett or Karlos Dansby.

Calais Campbell on Highly Questionable

Posted by Highly Questionable on Wednesday, December 2, 2015