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Dear Santa: An Arizona Cardinals Christmas wish list

It is much smaller list than before.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Santa:

We Arizona Cardinals fans feel we have been good this year. We also are thrilled with our gifts over the last year. This has been the greatest Arizona Cardinals season ever up until this point.

But since it is Christmas and all, here is our list. Please note it is much shorter than previous years.

First, can we please get a real pass rushing threat? Alex Okafor was decent in 2014 and Markus Golden shows some promise, but can we please get a real threat in one-on-one battles? It is the missing piece for the defense.

You made good on the offensive line. We have talent in reserve, so thanks. We don't really ask much more there.

You did good with Carson Palmer, too.

But can we please get a healthy Andre Ellington? He keeps breaking. Maybe you brought us David Johnson as the upgraded version, but it sure would be nice to have two great toys in the running game at the same time.

We wished for Daryl Washington back last year and we suppose  you knew that probably wasn't going to work out, so thanks for the Deone Bucannon, who is a dynamic linebacker disguised as a safety. Perhaps can you bring him a linebacker number next year so he can make the Pro Bowl? If he is going to play linebacker and stay listed at safety, he will never make it to Hawaii.

There are two things left.

Can we get a playoff bye and a Super Bowl title? We think we have been patient enough. It's really all we have left. And if the playoff bye isn't possible, the Super Bowl title would be fine. We've never had one and so many of our other friends have gotten one -- some even more than one. We think we have been good enough and have waited long enough.

So please, Santa, can you bring us a championship? We don't really need the other gifts. We are willing to give up gifts for the next couple of years if necessary.

So, there you have it. Our list. Merry Christmas.

-- Cardinals fans