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Cardinals vs. Rams preview: Bruce Arians feeds the division rivalry

Arizona travels to St. Louis with a chance to sweep their NFC West road schedule.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We caught a glimpse of it on Sunday when Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians was heard saying the team doesn't like their upcoming opponent in his postgame speech. Now Arians has come out and said it publicly. He doesn't like the St. Louis Rams. He gave us yet another golden quote to start the week.

He reiterated how he and the team don't like the other teams in the NFC. "I'll have dinner with them, but I ain't liking them," Arians told reporters, according to ESPN's Josh Weinfuss. "I ain't drinking with them."

It is understandable. The Cardinals have not had great luck against the Rams. St. Louis beat Arizona 24-22 in Arizona earlier this season. The three previous games versus the Rams saw Tyrann Mathieu, Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton all suffer season-ending injuries.

Plus, you're not supposed to like your division opponents. And it appears the players will echo Arians' sentiment. "If our coach doesn't like them, then we don't like them," starting quarterback Carson Palmer said.

It sounds like, at least right now, the Rams are the team the Cardinals like the least. They respect the Seahawks and want what they have had. The Niners are too bad to really dislike. But the Rams apparently have become the most despised opponent, at least for this week.

Do you feel the same way?