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NFL power rankings 2015: Arizona Cardinals almost a consensus No. 1

A loss by the Panthers and big win by Arizona shoots the Cardinals to the top in most polls.

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The Arizona Cardinals finally managed to do it. In almost all the power rankings and power polls, the Cardinals are at the top. They had a blowout win of another playoff team on Sunday, defeating the Green Bay Packers 38-8, while the Carolina Panthers fell to the Atlanta Falcons. There are a couple of polls that still keep the Panthers at the top, though.

Here is what they are saying around the Web.

Our own power rankings put the Cardinals at the top.

They sacked Aaron Rogers nine times on Sunday. They have the number one ranked offense in the NFL. They not only have won nine games in a row, but four of those teams they beat are bound for the playoffs. I see no reason that any other team should top this list.

SB Nation's rankings bump the Cards from two to one.

However, with a dominating blowout win over the Packers at home, the Arizona Cardinals move up claim the top spot in this week's rankings, their first trip to the No. 1 spot this entire season. It's been a long time coming though, as Carson Palmer powered his crew to their ninth straight win. They're balling on offense, averaging a league-best 420 yards and 32.2 points per game, while the defense is giving up a paltry 18.5 points per contest. That means, on average, the Cardinals are winning in a blowout, and even worse for their potential foes in the playoffs, they seem to be getting better as the season goes on.

ESPN also gives them the bump from to two to one.

The Cardinals have won nine straight games for only the second time in franchise history. The last time they did that was across the 1948-49 seasons (11 straight).

The same applies for CBS Sports and Pete Prisco.

They compensated for the loss of Tyrann Mathieu with a heck of an all-around defensive game against the Packers. The pressure was impressive.

FOX Sports? You guessed it. From two to one.

Talk about a statement game -- the Cardinals dominated a Packers team that many thought was destined for postseason success. If the Cardinals can continue to generate pressure like they did in Week 16, they will make a deep postseason run.

USA Today bumped the Cards up, but from three to two. The Panthers are still at the top.

Strong case that they're Super Bowl 50 frontrunners with league's top offense and a D that just embarrassed Aaron Rodgers.

Oh, and that Yahoo! Shutdown Corner? Of course they still have Arizona at number two.

The Packers offense seems beyond broken, but it's still a huge positive for the Cardinals defense to play that well without Tyrann Mathieu.

Of course, numberFire has been consistent. The Cardinals have been at the top of their statistical power rankings for almost the entire season.