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Carson Palmer, Michael Floyd, Troy Niklas go fishing on off day

Floyd is grossed out by fish.

We get to see the Arizona Cardinals play a lot of football and pay attention to what they say about football. But they have off days, too. We get a glimpse into one such day because of a video featuring Carson Palmer, Troy Niklas and Michael Floyd (it does happen to sort of be a Toyota Tacoma ad).

We find out Carson Palmer is an antagonizer and Troy Niklas is gullible. He apparently does what he is told and ends up doing things he would rather not. In his own words, Palmer is an adult and he and Floyd are Palmer's little fools.

They head up to Lake Pleasant to fish.

Floyd catches one, but is completely grossed out by it. He doesn't want to even touch it.

Carson and Michael make fun of Niklas' swim shorts. They are small, I guess.

Niklas jumps in the cold lake. Floyd wants nothing to do with the water. "It's probably 30 degrees," he says. Niklas tries to throw him in the water after they get off the boat.

Watch the videos below.