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NFL Week 13 odds: Arizona Cardinals given good odds to beat St. Louis Rams

Their playoff and Super bowl chances slipped just a little.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals travel this weekend to play the St. Louis Rams on the road. They have a chance to sweep their NFC West road schedule, as they have already defeated the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers in the last three weeks away from home.

Based on the odds, the Cardinals have a good shot at it.

Using numberFire's calculations, the Cardinals have a 68-percent chance of defeating the Rams on Sunday. Their projections have the Cards coming away with a 24-18 win and that Carson Palmer would be the game MVP. Take a look at the projected numbers.

As we get closer to the game and as the game is live, you can see the odds change.

Also according to numberFire, they are still the top team in the league, although some of their chances in the postseason decreased.

Here are the numbers:

Projected Record: 12.53 - 3.47 (Change: 0.05 wins)
Super Bowl: 21.14% (Change: -3.4%)
Conference Championship: 35.72% (Change: -4.82%)
First Round Bye: 83.3% (Change: 1.26%)

  • No. 1 Seed: 1.28% (Change: -2.6%)
  • No. 2 Seed: 82.02% (Change: 3.86%)

Playoffs: 99.68% (Change: 0.02%)
Division: 97.12% (Change: -0.88%)

They are a virtual lock for the playoffs and a virtual lock for a division crown. However, with recent injuries and the not-so-convincing win in San Francisco, their odds of winning the West did decrease slightly.

It also looks very likely the Cardinals will have a first round bye, although practically impossible to land the top seed in the conference.

The best part? Arizona is given the second-highest odds at winning the Super Bowl at 21.5 percent. The top team is Carolina, with a 28.1-percent chance.