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Monday Night Football open thread

Two old rival play in a bad division. Enjoy!

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is a classic NFC East battle. Too bad the division is awful. The 5-6 Washington Redskins sit atop the  NFC East and face a 3-8 Cowboys team who can't win without Tony Romo. Yet, if Dallas can get a win, they would only be one game out of the division lead. Washington leads the way with a 5-6 record. The Giants and Eagles are both 5-7. Dallas is 3-8. That division doesn't make  any sense, and what makes it seem stranger is the fact that Kirk Cousins is the guy leading the way. In a division with Tony Romo and Eli Manning, Cousins might be the playoff quarterback.

This game has zero impact on the Arizona Cardinals' season. Watch for fun or for fantasy. Or watch to hate both teams. It doesn't matter.

This is your open thread.