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Arizona Cardinals to take a look at Michael Sam as OLB possibility

Could the Cardinals add the openly gay player?

Marc Serota/Getty Images

I didn't catch it immediately when I shared it in Monday's Bird Droppings, but Josh Weinfuss at ESPN wrote about it. With the Arizona Cardinals looking to upgrade their pass rush, particularly from the outside linebacker position, they are reportedly going to take a look at a player who will draw some buzz -- the openly gay Michael Sam.

Cyd Zeigler, who writes for SB Nation's Outsports reported that Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians told him the Cardinals will "be looking at Sam in the next few weeks."

Sam, who made national news coming out as a gay player while a senior at Missouri, was drafted in the seventh round last year by the St. Louis Rams. He did not stick with the team, getting cut before the end of the preseason, but did spend time on the Dallas Cowboys practice squad.

Some believe that Sam's sexual orientation is a big reason why he has not landed anywhere and why he didn't drafted until the seventh round. After all, he was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year entering the draft.

However, his lack of speed and lack of production in college against upper tier teams raised concerns, as did likely concerns for the locker room, although there were none while he was at Missouri, where his teammates all knew he was gay.

Some will see the Arians quote as something big or newsworthy. Michael Sam brings news. However, with Arizona having only three outside linebackers under contract for 2015, of course they will "take a look." Of course, it is important to realize Arians, general manager Steve Keim and the coaching staff will in fact be looking at every player available  and even some not available.

Arians isn't saying Sam will be brought in for a workout. That might happen, but Arians is being genuine that he will look at Sam. he just happens to be looking at dozens of other players at the position as well before free agency starts next month.

So before we start writing the headline "Cardinals sign openly gay player," just know at this point it is all about due diligence.