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DC James Bettcher 'has a great football mind,' is 'about getting it right'

A couple of defensive players discuss the respect they have for the new and young DC.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

We know head coach Bruce Arians is going to say great things about the man he just promoted to be defensive coordinator.

It is also completely expected that players speak glowingly of the new hire.

That doesn't diminish what it means, though.

As noted on, veterans Lorenzo Alexander and Calais Campbell have good things to say about their new defensive leader.

Campbell said age doesn't matter when it comes to respecting his coach, but rather his football mind. "I know 'Bettch' has a great football mind."

"He's passionate, he knows ‘X's and ‘O's, he cares about his players, he relates well," Alexander said. "His biggest attribute, like Todd, is he's not about being right, he's about getting it right. He fits the scheme to his players. Not the other way around."

Arians noted the respect Colts linebacker Robert Mathis had for Bettcher. Arians said Mathis "was pissed" when Arians took Bettcher with him to the Arizona Cardinals. "He said ‘He made me a better player for the first time in four years,' " Arians said Mathis texted.

That makes three Pro Bowlers endorsing Bettcher. That's certainly a good start.

Arians already noted Bettcher's command of the room.

All that is left is for the fans to be won over when the football season starts.