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Big Red Trivia Challenge (Second Edition)

Back by popular demand, let's see how well you know your Cardinals trivia. Or maybe you just feel like learning a few fun facts about your team's history.

It's still a ways until free agency and the draft, so let's fill in some more time with a little Cardinals trivia on a throw-back Thursday, shall we? Just like last week, keep track of how many questions you can answer then compare notes with others when you're done.

1) How much was the franchise fee paid by the Cardinals to become a charter member of the new APFA (the American Professional Football Association) that was soon to be renamed the 'National Football League'?

2) The Chicago Cardinals first regular season game that 1920 season was played against what crosstown rival? What was the score that afternoon?

3) What Hall-of-Fame Cardinals running back also pitched for the St. Louis Browns baseball team giving up two of Babe Ruth's then single season record 60 home runs during the 1927 season?

4) In 1944, as a war-time emergency measure, the Cardinals combined with what other franchise to play as one team? And what was their record that year?

5) Name the former Cardinals place kicker (and his uniform number) who set a new NFL record by making 7 Field Goals in a single game.

6) The term 'Cardiac Cardinals' became a nickname in what year? And for what reason?

7) Who's only Cardinal (and his uniform number) to ever gain more than 100 yards rushing and receiving in the same game?

8) What former Cardinals free safety (and his uniform number) had at least one interception in seven consecutive games?

9) Name the Cardinal (and his uniform number) who became the first NFL running back to record over 100 receptions in a single season.

10) True or false? The franchise's all-time leaders in points scored; passing yards; and rushing yards are all missing from the Cardinals Ring of Honor.

Bonus question) When and why did the term 'Big Red' first come about as the Cardinals' nickname?

The questions are repeated below in the comment section — just use the reply button to answer any unanswered question (or question you feel was answered incorrectly), and please feel free to embellish your answers.

But here's the deal — please limit your 'answers' to only one question (per day) so others may participate as well.

Never hesitate to comment on a correct answer you see though and then keep coming back for the answers you didn't know.  I'll be checking and validating the correct answers and will also post a complete summary after all questions are answered correctly.

Click here if you missed last week's Big Red Trivia Challenge (First Edition)

So good luck and have at it Cardinals fans!