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Michael Bidwill: 'We've got to address Larry Fitzgerald's contract...but it takes two to come to an agreement'

The team president applies a little pressure to the star receiver.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the biggest issue for the offseason for the Arizona Cardinals is dealing with Larry Fitzgerald's contract, which holds a $23.6 million value against the 2015 salary cap.

The issue came up again on Wednesday when Cardinals team president was a guest in the studio on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. Bidwill expressed how big a priority it is why, all the while applying some pressure on Fitz to help out.

"Immediately, we've got to address Larry Fitzgerald's contract and we've talked about that," Bidwill said on the air. "We've been working hard to make sure that he's got a contract that compensates him appropriately. So I think Steve (Keim) and his group have been doing a great job, but it takes two to come to an agreement."

Bidwill wants to make impactful moves in free agency and that cap number on Fitz' contract just won't allow Arizona to do anything.

"Free agency is going to be big for us," he continued.  "We've got to get the contract restructured with Fitz because look at what we did last year in free agency. With one significant signing (we) took care of that left tackle with Jared Veldheer, who did a tremendous job. That's the kind of impact we want to have this year in free agency."

The ever so subtle comment "it takes two to come to an agreement" suggests perhaps Fitz has been unwilling to do much. However, that doesn't seem to be the sentiment with some local media.

Local reporter and radio host Mike Jurecki believes there is a desire on both sides to get something done and that Fitz and Bidwill have met at least twice in the offseason thus far.

Bidwill clearly would like to see this resolved sooner rather than later. At the same time, free agency is still a month away, so while it is important to get something done, it isn't the 11th hour, which tends to be when things happen in negotiations.

Do you think Bidwill's comments are just gentle pressure to get Fitz to take less money, or could it be he really isn't willing to play ball and will force the Cardinals to release him?