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New DC James Bettcher wants to 'put a fast, physical product on the field'

The newly promoted defensive coordinator talks about his goals, background and philosophy.

There is a lot to see this next season for the Arizona Cardinals in terms of what the defense has to offer. Defensive coordinator Todd Bowles is now a head coach and James Bettcher takes over the Arizona defense. He was on the air on Fox Sports 910 with Mike Jurecki and Jody Oehler on Wednesday and talked a bit about his new job.

Bettcher cited some of his defensive mentors, naming Chuck Pagano, John Lovett, Everett Withers and Butch Davis. Todd Bowles is also in that mix.

He said he learned from "fundamentals first, scheme second" type of guys, describing them all as "old school."

Bettcher said "something that I'll forever take with me" from Todd Bowles was how the new New York Jets head coach had "a vision as to what (his players) could do, what  they were best suited for (and) finding roles for guys."

When it comes to what he wants to have on the field defensively, he was cliche in his response.

"We're going to put a fast, physical product on the field and guys are going to play hard," Bettcher explained. "When people put our tape on, when fans watch us play on Sundays, that's what we want them to see."

In another interview, he did say he has done a lot of "what if" thinking.

"I've had a chance to look at a lot of two-minute situations and call what I would be calling in those scenarios," Bettcher said. "To look at how those games are managed, why people are successful in two-minute and why they are not. Just putting yourself in those situations as it's gone along."

Once, we are hearing the right things. We will see what he can actually do and how his players respond as workouts and the preseason roll around.