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Resolving Larry Fitzgerald contract is 'number one objective' for Arizona Cardinals

GM Steve Keim talks of the "constant dialogue" there has been with Fitz' agent.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

It has been brought up a lot. Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald's contract needs to be fixed for 2015. He holds a $23.6 million salary cap hit. Everyone knows either contract will have to be renegotiated or he will be released.

General manager Steve Keim, while appearing on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, said contract negotiations with Fitz have begun and there has been "constant dialogue" for at least a year.

Keim noted how difficult it would be to see Fitzgerald playing in another team's uniform. It is something no one in the organization wants.

In fact, Keim went so far to say keeping Fitzgerald and getting his salary cap number to something more reasonable is "our number one objective as an organization," something that has been reiterated more than once. "It hasn't changed," he said. "Larry Fitzgerald, we want him to retire a Cardinal."

With the NFL Scouting Combine this week and teams, agents and players set to be in Indianapolis, Keim "will chat with" Fitz' agent Eugene Parker.

March 10 is the date the Cardinals have to be under the salary cap for 2015, which is estimated to be around $142 million. Keim said on the air the team is essentially $16 million over the cap.

March 15 is the date the Cardinals must either pay Fitz an $8 million roster bonus or release him to avoid it. There is still time, but not a ton of it, and the team wants to have it resolved before free agency begins on the 10th so they can go and sign players they want to improve the team.