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2015 NFL mock draft: Eagles trade up for Marcus Mariota, Cardinals take an ILB

The first round gets interesting, but not for Arizona.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As has been the case this offseason, we will have mock draft updates -- some from the staff, some that go over the SB Nation mock drafts and some from around other sites. Today we bring you Dan Kadar's mock draft for SB Nation. This week's scenario has some big trades.

Kadar looks at what trades could happen -- most notably if the Philadelphia Eagles decided to trade up for Marcus Mariota. Philly trades up to the second pick, giving the Titans all the rest of their 2015 picks and their 2016 first rounder.

The Cleveland Browns also trade up to land receiver DeVante Parker.

Then, after the Titans use the Eagles pick, they trade back into the first round to take UCLA QB Brett Hundley with the 20th pick.

As for the Arizona Cardinals, the pick is boring. They are not in any trade and they take an inside linebacker -- Eric Kendricks.

Kendrick could be a valuable asset for the Cardinals. He could let the team move on from Daryl Washington and give them a linebacker who can cover and come up against the run.

He could let the team move on from Washington, or he could be the guy to pair up next to Washington, moving on from Kevin Minter.

Kendricks is a pick that will be popular among draftniks. He is a potential impact player who fills a need and was very productive. As mentioned in previous mocks, he also fits the profile of the type of player the Cardinals like drafting -- high production, team captain and a senior.

Also on the board at the time are tackle Andrus Peat, running back Melvin Gordon, defensive tackle Carl Davis, receiver Jaelen Strong and tight end Maxx Williams. Would you take any of those players over Kendricks?