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Arizona Cardinals news 2/2: Super Bowl results and reactions and some Fitzgerald future

Post-Super Bowl links to start the day.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl. Today our morning links are almost exclusively about the Super Bowl XLIX. The Cardinals players made some predictions. Then there was a game.


Cardinals offer predictions of Super Bowl XLIX - Arizona Cardinals Blog - ESPN
A handful of Arizona Cardinals predicted who will win Super Bowl XLIX, which will be played Sunday on their home field at University of Phoenix Stadium:

Cardinals Know Seahawks Aren't Going Away

Super Bowl loss to Patriots derails dynasty talk for Seattle, but NFC West will remain a battle

Larry Fitzgerald mentions future with Arizona Cardinals at NFL Honors - ESPN

"In terms of next year, I have no idea what’s going to happen," Fitzgerald said. "That’s still to come. But I love Arizona, I love playing for the Cardinals and I love working for the Bidwill family."

Cardinals' Bidwill expects to bid on another Super Bowl | FOX Sports

Cardinals team president Michael Bidwill could bid to bring another Super Bowl to Arizona as soon as 2020.

Arizona Cardinals celebrate Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl loss

The Seattle Seahawks attempted to win their second straight Super Bowl on Sunday night, but it's safe to say the Arizona Cardinals didn't wish them well.

Super Bowl XLIX coverage:

Super Bowl 2015: Tom Brady breaks Joe Montana's touchdown record -

Super Bowl 49 is underway, and Tom Brady just broke one of Joe Montana's records.

Mike Jones (who?) appears in lawyer's painfully bad Super Bowl ad -


Julian Edelman takes big hit, not checked for a concussion -

Patriots receiver Julian Edelman took a big hit from Kam Chancellor and was not checked for a concussion, according to a report.

Tom Brady connects with Julian Edelman on go-ahead TD -

The Patriots now lead, 28-24.

Jermaine Kearse makes the most unbelievable Super Bowl catch since David Tyree -

What a catch. Too bad :(

Russell Wilson throws game-ending interception to Malcolm Butler -
The Seahawks were a few yards away from a go-ahead score. Instead, they threw this interception:

Super Bowl 2015: For winning, Patriots players earn $97,000 -

Both the Seahawks and the Patriots were paid for playing in the Super Bowl, but the Patriots wound up with more in the end.

Super Bowl 2015 final score for Patriots vs. Seahawks: 3 things we learned from New England's 28-24 win -
A wild finish gave New England.

Super Bowl scores by quarter: 4th-quarter squares results altered by wild finish -
The Super Bowl is over, and there's a new champion of your Super Bowl squares party game.

Super Bowl prop bet results: Rob Gronkowski finishes with 68 receiving yards -
Rob Gronkowski caught six passes for 68 receiving yards in Super Bowl 49, settling several prop bets in the process.

Super Bowl prop bet results 2015: Marshawn Lynch rushes for 102 yards -
Marshawn Lynch put up 102 yards rushing for the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 49.

Super Bowl 2015 MVP: Tom Brady wins for the 3rd time -
Tom Brady led the Patriots back from a 10-point fourth quarter deficit to win the Super Bowl, and MVP honors.

Madden 15 perfectly predicted the outcome of the Super Bowl -
This is scary.

Robert Kraft on Super Bowl win: 'Our people didn't touch the balls' -
They won the whole thing and at no time did anyone touch a ball.

2015 Super Bowl prop bet results: Spread, over/under, MVP, national anthem, crotch grab and more -
We've got a rundown on some of the many notable bets people placed on Super Bowl 49.

Bill Belichick cries after Super Bowl XLIX victory -
A rare sight.

Richard Sherman was the first person to congratulate Tom Brady -
Great sportsmanship.

NFL players can't believe Seattle's final play-call -
Nobody in the league can understand why the pass was called.

Bill Belichick joins Chuck Noll as only coaches with 4 Super Bowl wins -
The Patriots' dramatic win on Sunday wrote Belichick into the history books.

The Empire State Building is celebrating the Patriots' Super Bowl victory -
Congrats to the New York Patriots! What?!

Patriots Super Bowl parade 2015: Full route details and schedule will be announced on Monday -
Plans have yet to be finalized for the upcoming Super Bowl parade in Boston, but details will be announced on Monday.

Tom Brady, Darrelle Revis celebrate with their families after Super Bowl -
Intimate videos following Sunday's Super Bowl win.

Seahawks players openly criticize Pete Carroll's final play call -
Seahawks players were reportedly just as mad as fans that Marshawn Lynch didn't get one more chance to potentially win the Super Bowl.

Patriots overcame long statistical odds to win Super Bowl -
The stats say New England had no business winning another world championship.

This fan is trying to remove his Seahawks Super Bowl tattoo with sandpaper -
Things have gotten ugly.

Jermaine Kearse makes impossible circus catch -
Russell Wilson's prayer is answered when Jermaine Kearse somehow comes away with a huge 33-yard reception.

Russell Wilson interception dooms Seahawks -
Undrafted rookie Malcolm Butler picked off Russell Wilson on the doorstep of the goal line, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat as the Patriots are your Super Bowl XLIX champs.

New York Daily News says Patriots have 'balls of steal' after Super Bowl win -
One last shot on the way out.

Marshawn Lynch pushes away camera while leaving Super Bowl -
Does anyone blame him?

The guy who made the Seahawks' dreadful playcall blamed his wide receiver -
Not a good look.

Look, it's the Patriots' game-clincher -
Nice game-clincher.

Patriots fan Jimmy Fallon couldn't resist taking a shot at the Seahawks -

Left Shark was the real Super Bowl MVP -
Left Shark wasn't quite sure what he was doing, but he played his best on the world's' biggest stage. Left Shark is a hero.

Watch Jimmy Fallon's special Super Bowl Superlatives -
Tom Brady's balls are still a topic.

Richard Sherman may need Tommy John surgery for elbow injury, per report -
Sherman didn't miss a play during the Super Bowl, but may have played through torn ligaments.

Seattle police cope with Seahawks Super Bowl loss by teasing Broncos fans -
They're taking this loss well ... or not.

Brandon Browner got in Richard Sherman's face following Super Bowl-ending interception -
This is one heck of a photo.

Dang, the Seahawks cover in the Seattle Times is brutal -
Aw, man : (