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Super Bowl 2015 results: Arizona Cardinals players react to end of wild game

Cards players were going crazy on Twitter.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The last few minutes of Super Bowl XLIX were nuts. The New England Patriots score a go-ahead touchdown, the Seahawks get an unreal catch by Jermaine Kearse, Marshawn Lynch almost gets into the end zone, the Seahawks decide to throw the ball at the goalline and Malcolm Butler picks off what would have been the game winning throw by Russell Wilson. Then the Seahawks get penalized and a player gets ejected.

But at the end of the game, our own Arizona Cardinals players reacted to what was going on during the game. Here are the tweets.

Darnell Dockett couldn't bear to see the Seahawks get another championship.

Then there was the insane, lucky catch by Kearse inside the 10-yard line.

Then, when Malcolm Butler intercepted the throw to the end zone, there was celebration and bewilderment as to the play call.

Then there was the reaction to how Bruce Irvin and other Seahawks started fighting Pats players just as the game was about to end and Seattle was going to lose.

And then it is official. The Pats win. And the Cardinals react to the win.