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'Write it down,' Arizona Cardinals will be in Super Bowl 50, says Bruce Arians

The Cardinals head coach is making a statement now.

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Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians is ready to make some bold declarations. He was named the NFL Coach of the Year for the 2014 season, one in which the Cardinals went 11-5 and made the playoffs despite a long list of injuries to key players.

No longer worried about last season, he is ready to set the bar high for 2015.

In a recent radio interview, he declared that nothing short of the Super Bowl is enough. He felt all season that the group of players he had was good enough to win it all this year at University of Phoenix Stadium. In fact, the message all season was not to let another team dress in their dressing room.

After getting the Coach of the Year Award, he turned that message around, as Super Bowl 50 will be played at Levi''s Stadium, the home field of the San Francisco 49ers.

When asked what Arians planned to be doing next year for the Super Bowl, he quickly said, "Playing."

"We're dressing in (San Francisco's) locker room," he said. "We can write it down today."

Arians clearly is not concerned about the ramifications of making that bold prediction so early. It is something we have heard Rex Ryan say in two coaching gigs. We have heard "you've got a winner in town" from Buddy Ryan and the chart showing his coaching winning percentage from Dennis Green.

Should Arians set the bar that high publicly? It is fun to hear, but is he setting himself up for failure if he says we can "write it down" that the Cards will be in next year's Super Bowl?