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Patrick Peterson's health issue 'no one knows about' was blood sugar problem

The cornerback was near diabetic.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It was back in November when Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson sort of turned a corner with his play, shutting down receiver Dez Bryant.

He had been dealing with a sprained ankle he played through and head coach Bruce Arians also mentioned a health problem that was not disclosed at the time, stating it was "for him and his doctors."

It turns out, according to what Arians said on PFT Live, the issue was Peterson's blood sugar levels, which were described as "borderline" diabetes.

The team and Peterson were able to get things under control by the second month of the season and there were no more issues after that, but that could explain some of his early season issues. General manager Steve Keim at one point talked about Peterson's focus during the game. Blood sugar problems can certainly affect one's ability to focus, especially in a physically demanding setting as football is.

Peterson is not the first player to deal with blood sugar problems. Former Cardinals safety Matt Ware became diabetic after knee surgery. Quarterback Jay Cutler is diabetic.

Hopefully Peterson can keep his levels under control from here on out.