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Steve Keim 'hopeful' Darnell Dockett will play for Arizona Cardinals in 2015

The defensive lineman says he will play in Arizona one way or another.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

With the Larry Fitzgerald contract under control and taken care of, the next contract to work with is that of defensive lineman Darnell Dockett. General manager Steve Keim was a guest on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM on Thursday and indicated he was going to reach out to Dockett that day to begin conversations.

When asked what his confidence level was about Dockett staying with the Cardinals, Keim wasn't as optimistic as the team was with Larry Fitzgerald. He said he was "hopeful" Dockett would return, "but you can never really make guarantees in this because there are so many moving parts."

He indicated, like Fitzgerald, the team would like Dockett to retire a Cardinal.

Dockett enters the final year of his contract and is due to make $6.8 million in salary and his contract is nearly $10 million against the salary cap.

It is widely believed there is no way Dockett remains on the team at that salary.

Dockett had a couple of interesting tweets, though, as fans have been asking him about his future in Arizona. One indicated he will play in Arizona one way or another, whether that is one game or eight.

Obviously, if he remains a Cardinal, he will play eight games in Arizona. If he plays only one, that would indicate he would be on a team that visits Arizona this next season. The 49ers, Rams, Seahawks, Packers, Vikings, Ravens, Bengals and Saints will play in Arizona during the 2015 season.

So what is Dockett saying?

This is my take.

I don't know if he will be willing to take a pay cut unless he contract is extended. What this tells me is he would likely go to a division rival.

Specifically, I think he would try and land with Seattle.

Remember how Dockett called out Karlos Dansby for taking that contract with the Browns, saying he was "chasing money" instead of "chasing a ring."

If Dockett goes to the Seahawks, he probably wouldn't make the same amount of money he would make here, but he would fit their defense well and he would be "chasing a ring," which would still keep him from being the guy chasing money.

Unlike with Fitz, where the organization was very confident a new contract could be done (Keim said in the interview Fitz told the team he didn't want to leave), the same level of confidence is not felt now with Dockett.

Arizona has said goodbye to key players like Dockett before. This might be when we see the last of No. 90.